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Motors, motorized pumps and valves

MSi laboratories designs and turnkey implementation of automated testing laboratories, test rigs and final production controls for the sector of motors, motorized pumps and valves.

In order to meet the most stringent product specifications of its customers, and thanks to the flexibility and testing, calculation and response of their test banks, testing laboratories are created specifically designed according to the requirements of each client, can be customized according to the needs of each customer and product.

From the details of system design, MSI makes a turnkey implementation by integrating commercial hardware and software.

This means greater security in operating systems, and minimizes the maximum possible degree of dependence on any future client to MSI. In the medium term adaptations may pose new functionality or system requirements at computer (operating system, database, etc..), Which is an investment guarantee.

In addition, MSi laboratories offers the possibility of developing new projects around the world, thanks to the network of branches of MSI Grupo.

The MSI Laboratories team has developed automated test banks for companies such as: